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Monday MASA Moments

⚽️ Monday MASA Moment for August 19, 2019 ⚽️

This is our final regular weekly post of the 2019 season. During the off-season, we will make occasional posts about Mosinee soccer happenings on Facebook, through email, and via our website.

Sometimes we will share share information about the middle school and high school soccer teams.  For example, Mosinee High School Soccer is hosting MASA night at the home game vs. Rhinelander on Thursday, September 12 starting at 5pm.  There will be free popcorn for any kid wearing a MASA shirt! Kids can meet the Varsity players after the game.

If you haven’t yet taken the end-of-season survey, please click this link: We’ve received 30 responses so far, and more feedback would be even better!  This is the final reminder about the survey, which will close next Thursday, August 29th.

Work for next summer's season will take its first major step at our September MASA Board meeting. We will be reviewing this year's season, appointing members to the Board, and setting the course for planning for next year. The more minds we can get involved, the better!!! Mark your calendars and join us on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 at 6:00pm in the Mosinee Middle School library. A complete list of meeting dates for next season can be found on our webpage. Come and be a part of the group with the vision to make a most excellent 2020 MASA season.

⚽️ Monday MASA Moment for August 12, 2019 ⚽️

As we enter the last week of the 2019 season, we give EVERYONE involved in our 300+ player club a big THANK YOU for helping make this a successful season... players, coaches, families, many other volunteers, and referees. We would also like to take this time to remind you that we have a MASA Board of Directors meeting taking place Wednesday night (August 14) at the conclusion of the games at approximately 7:15pm right at the field. It is this group made up of dedicated individuals, all of whom freely volunteer their time throughout the fall, winter, and spring, who make it possible for youth soccer to happen in Mosinee each summer. We have some of these volunteer leaders looking to step aside after this season. PLEASE consider bringing your talents, whatever they may be, to the group. Get involved in both the small tasks as well as the big decision making, since any involvement by others, no matter how big or small, helps take the load off the rest of us on the board. And keep in mind that knowledge of playing soccer is NOT a requirement for most of the tasks we need help with. We want to see our organization continue in an even stronger capacity for years to come and we need the help of a greater number of dedicated leader volunteers during the off-season and into the summer to make this happen.

See you at Edgewood Park this week!

PS - If you haven’t yet taken the end-of-season survey, please click this link: We’ve gotten some good feedback so far and would like to get more!

⚽️ Monday MASA Moment for August 5, 2019 ⚽️

How can it be August already?  As we go into the second-to-last week of the season, here are two items for your review.

The first is something new for MASA.  To celebrate National Root Beer Float Day tomorrow, MASA will be having an entire Root Beer Float WEEK!  Come on over to the concession stand any day this week and get a root beer float for just $2.

The second involves reflecting upon the season and looking forward to the future. As we wind down the 2019 summer season, we do seek input from you, the families of MASA. Please click the link below and then give us your feedback to the questions on the survey. The MASA Board will use the information you share with us to guide our planning for the 2020 summer season. The survey is currently open for your input and will stay open until Thursday, August 29th.

Survey Link:

Enjoy the second-to-last week of the season!!!

⚽️ Monday MASA Moment for July 29, 2019 ⚽️

Weather-wise, even with a week of excessive heat and occasional storms, we haven’t had to cancel any games these first three weeks.  And the forecast looks promising for a fourth full week of soccer!

As we enter the second half of the season, we would like to take a moment to thank all of the head coaches and assistant coaches who have volunteered this season.  We recognize the extra time, effort, and responsibilities that these 40+ coaching volunteers put in with our players and families. When you get a chance, please take a moment to thank them for all they do.  In the near future we will begin generating a list of coaches for next season. Please consider enjoying the benefits of coaching your child and sign up to coach next season! Yes!!!

May the second half of the season begin!!!!

⚽️ Monday MASA Moment for July 22, 2019 ⚽️

We have just a couple brief notes we'd like to share with you as we enter the third week of the MASA season.

First, our cookout fundraiser nights are Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be available for purchase in addition to most of our regular concession items.  Grab a bite to eat and support MASA at the same time!

Second, so many families have fulfilled or have signed up to fulfill their volunteer requirement by coaching a team, serving on the board, fulfilling a Dib, or paying the $50 buyout fee.   It is each family’s responsibility to ensure that they have formally assisted the organization by the end of the season. If you still need to sign up for a Dib, please log in to, go to Dibs, and select from the many open volunteer opportunities. 

We will see you at Edgewood Park this week!!!! Don't forget to bring an empty stomach!

⚽️ Monday MASA Moment for July 15, 2019 ⚽️

Week One of the 2019 MASA season was a success. Weather cooperated, too, as we were able to get all games played!!!

It was great to see nearly all of our players at the High School for photos last night. You should receive your proofs sometime this week. If you have any questions regarding the photos, please contact Empire Photography directly.

Don’t forget that the MASA Board will be meeting right after the games end tomorrow (July 16) at the concession stand table area. We will be discussing how the season is going so far.  If you have ideas to make MASA an even better organization, please come and join us. And, if you have questions or concerns, go to our website and click on the “Questions?” section either for answers or to find out who to contact.

See you at Edgewood Park for Week Two!

⚽️ Monday MASA Moment for July 8, 2019 ⚽️

As our country celebrates an exciting win for the women’s team in the World Cup yesterday, we in Mosinee are ready to start another season of summer soccer tonight!!!  The weather looks quite favorable!

First, we offer a quick message as we start the season.  In fact, the message comes from the player who scored the final goal in yesterday’s win against the Netherlands, former Wisconsin Badger Rose Lavelle, during an interview following the win.  “I just think it was so cohesive. These are some of my best friends on the team. And I think that kind of cohesion, you feel it every time you play and you feel that support every time you play.  And I think that’s kind of what got us to the top.” As we go into this season, we want to emphasize the friendly nature of our league and that along with building soccer skills, we want the players to have fun while working together with their teammates this summer.

Second, please note that we do have concessions available. We offer a wide variety of snack and drink items with all proceeds going back into the organization. It has been common in years past for some people to make a stop to the concession stand their evening meal some nights. So, stop by and visit the concession stand on the west end of the fields.

And lastly, here is another friendly reminder that photos will take place this coming SUNDAY. Photos will be inside at the High School cafeteria so that we can avoid any conflicts with the weather. The schedule is posted on the webpage. We are partnering with Empire Photography again this year and they will be emailing you details this week. Even if you don’t intend to purchase photos, we would like as many players as possible to be present for the team photo.  Go to​ for any photo-related questions.

See you at the fields throughout the week!

⚽️ Monday MASA Moment for July 1, 2019 ⚽️

You may have noticed that the players are playing on some very GREEN fields this year.  In collaboration with the school district and the soccer booster club, MASA invested some funds in a reseeding project this spring to promote a better playing surface for everyone.  This project, in addition to the recent wet weather, has been great for providing us some very improved fields this summer.

Speaking of fields, MASA is looking for someone to take the lead in overseeing our fields as our Grounds Coordinator.  This person needs no specialized knowledge of how the game of soccer is played. Our Grounds Coordinator has two main duties.  The first is to take the lead on organizing our field setup in June. The second is to prepare the paint machines for the line painting volunteers each week.  This person would also handle any other issues that pop up regarding the fields during the season. If you are interested, please go to and complete the short questionnaire as soon as possible.  We are hoping to have someone on board for this volunteer position soon, as it has been a challenge to have other members of the board step in.  (Note: Being a Coordinator also fulfills your annual volunteer requirement.)

Maybe a grandparent, extended family member, or family friend would be interested in keeping up with MASA news?!?!?! Encourage them to like the Mosinee Area Soccer Association Facebook page.  As of this morning, we have 458 people who like our page. Let’s see if we can increase this to at least 500 this week!

Finally, we wanted to let you know that there is a Sports Engine app available for download. It is linked on our homepage and available for both Apple and Android products. Give it a try. Everyone we've heard from who uses the app appreciates it.

⚽️ Monday MASA Moment for June 24, 2019 ⚽️

Today marks the beginning of our two weeks of scheduled practices for the season ahead.  If you aren’t sure of your team’s practice days and times, please contact your coach or check out the bright pink link located on our website, You may want to double-check the link as a few coaches have changed the practice times for their teams since the original message went out about this.

For those of you new to MASA, we will send you a quick “Monday MASA Moment” each Monday during the course of the season.  Our purpose in these little weekly bulletins is to keep you informed of various features of our 300+ player soccer club here in Mosinee.

Times have been set for our Photo Night being held on Sunday, July 14. Even if you choose not to purchase photos, we highly encourage all players to come for photos so they are in the full team photo.  You can find a photo schedule on our website or posted on our Facebook page last week.

For the safety and comfort of MASA players and spectators, we ask that everyone refrain from smoking or from bringing animals to Edgewood Park during practices and during the games.

With the potential for stormy weather this evening, we also want to review our game cancellation policy.  The MASA officers will be in charge of calling off games if it is determined the safety of players is in question. Generally, games continue if it is raining. Games will be cancelled due to lightning, extreme heat and humidity, and other possibly unsafe conditions. Our general guidelines are as follows. First, if the heat index at game time is above 95 degrees, the game is cancelled. Second, if lightning is spotted from Edgewood Park 15 minutes before the games or during the game, the games are cancelled. Game cancellations will be announced on our website and the MASA Facebook page as quickly as we can. Also, the same guidelines will be followed for scheduled practices, such as tonight.

Please note that during the offseason the MASA Board took some time to revise our Game Play Manual from the old version that had last been updated back in 2009.  A link to the new manual is located on our webpage under the Coaches Corner tab.

And finally, if you have ANY questions or concerns, please contact us and we will do our best to help.  Follow the green link on our main webpage to find out which MASA Board volunteer can best answer your question.

Thank you!